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Should You Worry About Bleeding Nasal Polyps?

Many a times you will see blood coming out of the nasal polyps. This is because of the swelling and the pressure buildup on the nasal membranes.

If the polyps is big enough and bleeding you should definitely consult a doctor.  There is no point in delaying this activity.

Your medical doctor may recommend some steroidal nasal spray so that the nasal polyps shrinks and the bleeding stops. 

Additionally you may be given some other medicines to control the bleeding.

Normally this first line of treatment should help in controlling the bleeding.

However if things don't improve then you may have to undergo surgery to remove the big polyp that's causing all the trouble.

Again, nothing to fear or worry because mostly polyps are not harmful and can be corrected easily.

I'm sure that the blood coming out from the polyps can scare a lot of people, but really speaking you should not worry too much.


9.8.17 10:26


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